Three Face Drug-Related Charges Following Traffic Stop


Three are facing charges after Starke County Sheriff’s Deputies found illegal narcotics inside a vehicle, last Friday.

According to information provided by the Sheriff’s Department, a traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle at the Burger King on December 4th. Those inside the vehicle provided authorities with probable cause to perform a search.

Christopher Reed and the owner of the car Tia Santiago allegedly gave officers consent to look through the vehicle. Investigators allegedly located several items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

A third passenger, Jacob Hanselman was allegedly found to be in possession of marijuana.

Reed is being charged with Maintaining a Common Nuisance and Possession of Precursors. Santiago is facing similar charges while Hanselman is now facing charges for Possession of Precursors, Visiting a Common Nuisance, and Possession of Marijuana.

All three were booked at the Starke County Jail.