Winamac Council Considers Urban Chicken Ordinance

ChickenChickens may soon be coming to the Town of Winamac. The Town Council Monday was given a draft of an ordinance that would let residents raise poultry within the town.

Maggie Czech is one of the residents who’s been working on the proposal. She told the council the idea is to start a one-year pilot program. During that time, no more than 25 permits would be issued, and they would cost residents $100 per year. They would each have to have their facilities inspected and approved before being allowed to take part in the program.

She says organizers looked at other ordinances being used around the state, and chose some of the strictest rules for Winamac’s proposed ordinance. Czech has agreed to oversee the program for the town, and would be in charge of enforcing the rules, if the program’s approved.

However, Winamac Town Council President Kenneth McFarland did some research of his own. He says he contacted officials with eight other cities and towns in the area to get their opinions, “None of them allowed chickens within the city limits, and without me giving my opinion whether I was for or against, every one of them volunteered and said they think they ought to be raised outside the city limits on a farm.”

The council will review the proposed ordinance and plans to make a decision at its meeting on January 11.