Pulaski Commissioners Re-organize, Searching for New Building Inspector

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Commissioners have reorganized themselves with the start of the New Year.

Each year, the board takes the opportunity to serve on different boards and possibly reorganize into different positions. During Monday night’s meeting, the Commissioners decided it was time for a new commission President.

“We have a motion for Terry Young to be President,” said Brady. “Do we have a second?”

“I’ll second,” says Young.

“We have a motion and a second,” Brady said. “All in favor say Aye. Motion carried.”

Larry Brady had been serving in the board’s President role. Young will now take over the spot with Brady serving as the group’s Vice President.

Apart from the Commissioners deciding whether they wanted to continue serving on various boards under the County’s purview, it was also their responsibility on Monday night to re-appoint Pulaski County’s various department heads.

The Commissioners reviewed the positions individually, but stalled on the position of Pulaski County Building Inspector.

“I have a shaking of a head ‘no’ from Bud Krohn, we have a no vote from Terry Young so that position is now open,” says Brady. “Who do you want to appoint?”

Commissioner Bud Krohn, Jr. initially requested if they could table the decision on re-appointing the Building Commissioner for one month.

No appointment was made, immediately. Instead, the County will now begin advertising for a Building Inspector with a hire expected at some point in the future.