Generator Installation May Turn Pulaski Highway Dept. into Warming Center

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Highway Department could soon be used by those suffering from the winter cold.

It was discussed during Monday’s meeting of the Pulaski County Commissioners that the Highway Department is in possession of a 100 Kilowatt Generator. The device is not hooked-up to the building that houses the staff and equipment at this time.

Pulaski County Building and Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston requested that the generator be used as a backup power source at the site.

The change would allow the highway department to continue operating in the event of a winter storm which results in a loss of electricity.

Commissioner Larry Brady says the generator could also help the highway department serve multiple purposes.

“In the event that we do need a warming station or a shelter, then we have a source location that we can direct people to and we know that we will have power there,” says Brady.

Pulaski County recently used the Francesville Fire Department as a warming center following a recent ice storm.

The Commissioners gave approval to begin installation on the generator. Johnston said he would need to retrieve quotes for installation of the device.