LaPorte Reps.’ Sunday Alcohol Bill Receives Hearing This Week

DermodyAn area state representative says he’s learned a lot, and is ready to try to legalize the Sunday sale of alcohol for carry-out.

The Indiana House of Representatives’ Public Policy Committee will consider the bill, HB1399, during their meeting on Wednesday. Similar to last year’s session, Republican State Representative Tom Dermody is sponsoring the bill.

He says there’s been one major change.

“I think the regulation that most people had an issue with last year was having all alcohol retail locations have to put hard liquor behind the counter and not have self-service, and that has been removed from this year’s bill,” says Dermody.

That provision was considered an expensive hindrance for retail locations to restage their locations each week.

According to a digest of the bill, regulations would allow a business with an alcoholic beverage permit to begin selling the refreshments between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. the succeeding Monday.

Last year’s attempt to implement similar language into the Indiana Code did not make it to the House floor for a vote after Dermody said it did not have enough support.

Although Dermody says the reasons behind the bill are not economic, he says it’s undesirable for residents to be crossing state lines to make purchases.

“We’re competing for the best students, the best future for our kids in Indiana,” says Dermody. “This is just something while it doesn’t make a difference either way, it does give the view – from what I’ve heard from many – that Indiana is behind the times. And we want the best and brightest coming here.”

The state has launched multi-million dollar efforts to attract skilled millenials to the Hoosier state.

Indiana has disallowed Sunday alcohol sales for carry-out since the time of prohibition. The bill must first be discussed in committee prior to receiving approval in the Indiana House.