Pulaski County CDC Recommends Streamlining Plan Director Position


Pulaski County’s search to replace their vacant Planning and Building Inspector positions may ultimately lead to a bit of restructuring.

The County’s Plan Commission met Monday night to consider a recommendation from the Community Development Commission Board. The proposal suggests using CDC Executive Director Nathan Origer as the Plan Director as well.

Origer says even though they’re different fields, the fields are important for each other

“If some of that can be streamlined, that’s all the more effective and efficient on the economic development front,” says Origer.

Previously, Pulaski County combined the offices of Plan Director and Building Inspector into one position, sharing staff, and saving on costs. That may not be the case if Pulaski County’s new Building Inspector hire does not have a planning and zoning specialty.

Origer says that, given his education in Planning and Zoning and previous experience with regional planning organizations, he has the background to take on the work. The CDC also has an advisory role when updating planning maps and other ordinances to ensure business expansion and retention.

Still, Origer says the CDC’s recommendation to fill the role as an expansion of their efforts may be able to cut out the middle man.

“At the end of the day, it’s a net gain to the community if we can have one budget instead of two, two budgets instead of three, or one instead of two or three; some shared staffing,” says Origer. “You know, down the road beyond this trial period, if we can consolidate some things, maybe have some staffers that can do some different things.”

Should Origer be hired to the position, it may be for a one year trial period.

The Plan Commission – which makes the final decision on a hire – may also wait until the Pulaski County Commissioners select their new Building Inspector to determine whether Origer’s services are even needed.