Armed LaPorte Man Holds Alleged Burglar Until Authorities Arrive


An alleged burglar in LaPorte County got more than he bargained-for in the early hours, Friday morning.

LaPorte County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the 8400 East block of County Road 700 North in Hudson Lake. The homeowner had returned to the residence just after midnight to find the suspect still inside the home.

According to information provided by the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department, the homeowner was armed. He was able to hold 26-year-old William Boone at the residence until authorities could arrive. Boone claimed he was homeless at the time of the alleged incident.

Boone has since been charged with a felony count of Residential Burglary.

The Sheriff’s Department says this is the second incident this month where a homeowner has caught an alleged burglar in the act, restraining them until authorities could arrive.

Investigators advise this is dangerous to attempt, but that homeowners are within their rights to do so.