Culver Community High School Receives Donation for Yearbook

CulverHSDuring a school board meeting dominated by the discussion of budget and staff cuts, the Culver Community Schools Corporation was also able to share a bit of positive financial news Monday.

Principal Brett Berndt told the school board the high school has received a substantial donation. “We had a citizen donate $2,000 to our yearbook staff, which is a large chunk,” he says. “When you talk about yearbook, it’s always hard. It’s a thing that we used to do during the school day. Now it’s an after-school activity, so it really helps them tremendously, so we really appreciate it.” He says the money was donated by a grandmother of one of the yearbook staff members.

With the corporation looking for places to cut spending in its General Fund, school administrators have discussed the idea of turning to donations when possible in an effort to keep programs going and minimize the need for staff cuts.

The school board voted to formally accept the donation, along with the rest of the consent items.