Knox Council Approves Funds For Splash Pad

Knox Elected OfficialsThe City of Knox will have a community splash pad by Memorial Day. Adding that amenity to Wythogan Park was one of Mayor Dennis Estok’s main priorities. He discussed the plan in greater detail with the city council Tuesday night.

Estok says it will cost between $100 and $150,000, but he hopes to get the labor donated. The actual equipment carries a price tag of about $77,000, according to Estok. He adds such amenities are big draws in other communities and provide what he describes as “very cheap entertainment.”

Plans call for it to be installed in the east section of the park so it will be visible from U.S. 35. Estok says equipment needs to be ordered next month in order to keep the installation on his desired schedule. The council agreed to pull up to $150,000 from the county economic development income tax, riverboat and tax increment financing funds to cover the cost.