Knox School Board Tackles Truancy

Knox-School-Board-2014“Project Attend,” a plan to improve school attendance of truant students, was discussed by the Knox School Board last night. Under the plan, school officials can inform the court of the student’s attendance records, grades, behavior and what they view is the problem as to why students are not attending regularly.

The Project Attend Committee, school staff and parents first attempt to make an agreement as to what will be the best course of action. If progress is not made, the truant’s case is forwarded to the Starke County Prosecutor and then to the Juvenile Court Magistrate for a formal hearing to resolve the issues.

Superintendent A.J. Gappa discussed efforts to look more closely at a number of operating expenses, such as copy paper, ink, and lighting in a cost reduction effort. A committee has developed cost saving suggestions for all staff to consider.

The School acknowledged the receipt of $40,000 in medicaid reduction of premium from Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Math teachers, grades K-5 and 6-12 will meet today (Tuesday) in a workshop with math specialists from the Indiana Department of Education. Teachers from other school districts will also attend the sessions.