New Starke County Surveyor Gets to Work


Starke County’s new surveyor is settling into the job. Bill Crase was recently chosen by Democratic Party leaders to replace Dennis Estok, who was elected back to the Knox Mayor’s Office.

Crase says that as surveyor, he hopes to build a good working relationship with farmers throughout the county, “to help them with their drainage issues and any other water problems that may occur, that’s within our office.”

He says he’s also willing to work with any Starke County resident, “[I] just want everybody out there to know that we’ve got everybody’s best interest in mind, and anything that we can do as far as a legal standpoint and what we have the money to do, we’re more than willing to take a look at any situations we need to and try our best to help everyone out.”

Crase says so far, the new job has been going well, but he does anticipate a few challenges, “Learning some of the permitting issues. That’s one challenge of the office, is obviously learning the permits through the DNR and working around pipelines and so forth.”

The current term ends in December, but Crase has already filed with the Starke County Clerk’s Office to run for a full four-year term after that.