Pulaski Plan Commission Awaits Further Decisions by Commissioners in Plan Director Search


The Pulaski County Plan Commission will wait to fill a vacant planning and zoning director position until further decisions are made by the County Commissioners.

The issue surfaced Monday night when the Plan Commission considered a recommendation from the Pulaski County Community Development Commission. Their proposal included appointing CDC Executive Director Nathan Origer to fill the plan director role, at least on a trial basis.

The goal is to streamline business attraction, and improve communication between the two bodies. Cost savings has also been cited.

Pulaski County previously combined their building inspector and Planning and Zoning positions, but with a vacancy in the jobs, it remains to be seen whether that arrangement will continue. The Pulaski County Commissioners are working to fill the building inspector position.

It was discussed during last night’s meeting that the Plan Commission will wait for the Commissioners to make their decision on a possible hire before making any decisions on a plan director.

The Commissioners do have the ability to appoint a Plan Director if they so choose. The matter will be addressed at the Plan Commissions’ meeting on February 22nd.