Starke Commissioners Seeking Health Board Appointment


The Starke County Commissioners are looking for a very specific candidate to fill a recently vacated position. The death of Dr. Joseph Bartush created an opening on the health board. Membership criteria are defined in Indiana Code and include various members of the medical profession. Balance between political parties is also necessary.

Bartush was one of two required physician members and a Democrat. The board presently has four Republican members and one who is not party affiliated. The county commissioners are seeking a Democrat or non-affiliated physician to fill the seat. Political party affiliation is determined by how an individual voted in the last primary election.

If a licensed physician who meets the requirements cannot be found, the commissioners can look for a Democrat or non-affiliated candidate who is a registered nurse, registered pharmacist, dentist, hospital administrator, social worker, attorney with expertise in health matters, school superintendent, veterinarian, professional engineer or environmental scientist.

If a reasonable effort to find such a person fails, the commissioners could then consider appointing a Democrat layperson to the board.

Interested candidates can submit their credentials to the Starke County Auditor’s Office.