Starke County Reports Jobless Increase in December


The unemployment rate in Starke County has seen an uptick in the percentage of unemployed residents compared to the previous month.

According to the latest jobs figures, provided by the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, Starke County has the 8th highest unemployment rate in the state at 6.4-percent for December. That’s two percentage points above the statewide average of 4.4-percent, unemployment.

Starke County’s latest report signals a .8-percentage point increase compared to the month of November. Meanwhile, both state and federal jobless figures have remained unchanged over that same period.

Compared to its neighbors, Starke County may have a bit of work to do to chip away at Pulaski County’s reported unemployment rate of 4.9-percent for December. Marshall County sits at 4-percent; and LaPorte County figures-in at 6.4-percent, unemployment.

None of the counties in the immediate area are reporting top job performance compared with other portions of the state. For instance, Hamilton County has seen its unemployment figures for December sitting at a state best 3.1-percent. The figures do, however, only measure populations that are able and willing to work, while being non-institutionalized.

Overall, Indiana is performing well compared to neighboring states. Between November and December, most counties in the state saw an increase in the number of residents unemployed.