State Enacts Poultry Recordkeeping Requirements

ChickenHoosier poultry owners who are buying and selling birds must keep good records of all ownership transfers. The state adopted a law last fall when avian influenza was spreading through the Upper Midwest. Board of Animal Health officials say the recent discovery of bird flu in Dubois County underscores the need for such policies.

Indiana State Veterinarian Bret D. Marsh says the Board of Animal Health needs the ability to trace bird movements and ensure the disease has not spread.

The new law requires all buyers of poultry in Indiana to maintain records of flock additions and removals for three years. They must include names and addresses of buyer and seller, sale date, breed, sex, number of animals and reason for movement. This state requirement applies to all retail, swap meet, flea market, auction and private sales, including barters or trades.

Birds purchased from out-of-state sources must have either a certificate of veterinary inspection or a National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) form VS 9-3. If chicks are purchased from an NPIP-certified hatchery, then the chicks can enter Indiana with a copy of the NPIP form VS 9-3.

Information about Indiana’s poultry entry and recordkeeping requirements is available on BOAH’s website at:

Poultry owners are encouraged to monitor their birds for any signs of unusual illness or death. Report sick or dead poultry by calling the Healthy Birds Hotline: 866-536-7593. This toll-free hotline will connect poultry owners with a state or federal veterinarian who can determine if an illness needs more follow-up.

Poultry owners may certify their flocks in the NPIP program. For information about NPIP in Indiana, visit the Indiana State Poultry Association’s website at: or contact the association at: 765-494-8517 or