Sen. Charbonneau’s Bill Aims to Review Infrastructure to Protect Water Resources

State Senator Ed Charbonneau
State Senator Ed Charbonneau

A bill designed to better account for Indiana’s water resources has received unanimous approval in the state Senate.

State Senator Ed Charbonneau’s bill intends to require the Indiana Finance Authority to develop reports on water loss and non-revenue water. According to information provided by Charbonneau’s offices, that means the difference between the volume of water entering the distribution system and the volume of consumption billed to customers.

Charbonneau estimates that as much as 25-percent of Indiana’s water supply is lost as a result of leaky utility systems. He says its important for Hoosiers to know that their water consumption is safe, especially in the face of recent news from Michigan.

Indiana’s water utility and infrastructure needs are estimated at $14-billion in upkeep over the next 20 years by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.