Pulaski County Exploring Possible Future EMA Sites

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County EMA may soon have a new home, if plans are able to move forward.

Currently the Emergency Management Agency department is working out of the County Courthouse in Winamac. Equipment storage and military surplus have created a few problems that the Pulaski County Commissioners are looking to remedy.

During a joint session of the Commissioners and County Council on Monday, the possibility of moving the EMA department into the remodeled Dillman’s Tire and Auto location was discussed.

Commissioner Larry Brady says dollar figures have not been brought-up at this time.

“It would be centrally located,” says Brady. “All of the equipment would be within the fenced-in area. The building is 3,500 square feet. If we were to do a lease program, it currently has an office space with room for maybe two desks.”

Options for occupying the space were discussed during this week’s meeting. The County does not have the funds available the purchase the building outright at this time, but a lease or rent-to-own option may be considered.

The site has fencing, making it prime ground for equipment storage and other operations.

Pulaski County says they would be interested in making any future site an emergency management services command post. Council member Jay Sullivan says the next step is retrieving financial information from the owner.

“Personally, I guess I’d like to see what the finances are: what they want to rent it, what they want to sell it,” says Sullivan.

If the site under consideration does not work out, Pulaski County says they are still interested in pursuing more options.

The Dillman’s Tire and Auto location may be able to link up with current communications towers, limiting costs and federal regulations of moving antenna towers.