Pulaski County Makes Call for Diplomacy Following Heated Discussions

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County Commission President Terry Young has issued a statement following recent events that led to a heated exchange of words.

During Tuesday night’s Commissioners meeting, Young read from a prepared statement urging proper and respectful discussions in public.

“The county’s business is more important than personalities,” says Young. “If members of this board have issues with one another, I’m asking you to please take your arguments and grievances outside this room.”

The statements follow an exchange that quickly devolved during the previous Pulaski County Commissioners meeting. Specifically, the conversation surrounded the appointment of a Building Inspector/Plan Director.

Contradictions between state statute and local ordinance created a situation that was arguably confusing. Exactly who had the authority to make the appointment was under contention.

In his statement, Young said he hopes for the public’s sake that communication remains professional.

“Please understand that we don’t always have to agree or vote the same; however, we need to get along in public,” says Young. “I know you’re all concerned about actions of this board and the image it gives our community.”

The letter calls for employees to refrain from using the media to disrespect other members of the county.

Pulaski County’s Board of Commissioners believes they have resolved the appointment issue following their decision at the previous meeting.