Pulaski Plan Commission Makes Identical Appointment for Plan Administrator Position


The Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission has decided to take the step of also appointing a Plan Administrator.

During their meeting Monday night, members of the board made the decision to remove the former Building Inspector/Plan Director at the committee level and, at the same time, appoint Doug Hoover to the job. The decision is an added layer to an identical appointment already made by the Pulaski County Board of Commissioners.

Building Department Assistant Quentin Blount says this was really a formality to ensure there was no contradiction in the way the decision was made.

“Whose call it was: there was that confusion between our local ordinance and state statute,” says Blount. “Who had the jurisdiction to name the Plan Administrator? And just as a formality, regardless of whose final decision it was, the Plan Commission just went ahead and appointed Doug as the Plan Administrator.”

The appointment decision caused a heated exchange at previous Pulaski County Commissioner meetings. A statement calling for respectful discussion in public was later issued by Commission President Terry Young.

That local ordinance has also prompted a bit of revision to a separate document outlining Pulaski County’s Rules of Procedure from 2012.

The goal, according to Blount, is to update the language so it agrees with the recently adopted Zoning Ordinance of the county. Blount says the Plan Commission isn’t the only zoning body to consider updates.

“The Board of Zoning Appeals were also updating their Rules of Procedure and it took quite a few meetings to get a formal document established and get everything updated,” says Blount. “So with the Plan Commission, we just adopted this new zoning ordinance, and we want to make sure now that the Rules of Procedure directly correlate with that.”

The 2012 document is a legal document that covers how a meeting should be run and what sort of jurisdiction the Plan Commission has under its authority.

Blount says few other items were discussed during Monday night’s meeting.