Culver Looks to Combine Resources to Promote Community

culverCulver is looking for a way to bring it all together to help promote and market the community in the coming years.

Several organizations have held informal conversations about combining resources to find solutions to several problems the community is facing. It was discussed during last week’s Culver Town Council meeting to begin preparations.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says it’s clear many community groups are in the same boat.

“What we’re finding is that the schools and the businesses, we all share some very common issues among each other,” says Munroe.

The idea is to help bring new retail businesses to Culver, but also continue efforts to retain the businesses that are already in the community.

The other side of that coin involves bringing various community groups such as the Redevelopment Commission, the Chamber of Commerce, the Town Council, the Schools, and the Park Department into cooperation. The idea is expected to save on costs in the long-run, but also promote the lake community within the framework of Culver’s Comprehensive Plan and Five-Year Action Plan.

The Culver Town Council has been working on the planning stages for some time now and say they are ready to start putting it to work. New Culver Town Council member Tammy Schaffer says different roundtable discussions held in various locations have begged her to question the resources available.

“Is there a company that actually is like a headhunter and brings those people who are entrepreneurs looking for a place to do business?” says Schaffer.

A cue was taken from the Town of Argos, which is already doing some of the things Culver is interested in doing.

The Culver Town Council has traveled to New Buffalo, Michigan and plan a trip to Nashville, Indiana to better understand how similar communities are addressing issues of a similar nature.