Commissioners Eye Funds for Jail Fiber Optic Upgrade

Starke County Justice CenterThe Starke County Commissioners are looking for money to run fiber optic cable to the jail. It’s the recommended solution to fix communication problems with telephones and radios in the 911 dispatch center. Sheriff Bill Dulin says they’re experiencing dropped calls, which presents a potential safety hazard for officers and the public.

A previous quote obtained by the county puts the cost at roughly $80,000. The commissioners are eyeing a combination of 911 and cumulative capital development funds to pay for the project once they get a firm idea of the cost. Rather than wait two weeks until their next meeting, they opted to recess last night’s session so they can resume meeting this week and take final action. Money from the cumulative capital development fund was earmarked for a new patrol vehicle for the sheriff’s office. Dulin says that can wait until later in the year if necessary.