Estok Updates Knox Council on Plans

Knox Elected Officials
Knox Elected Officials

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok’s recent town hall meeting is the first of many. He told the city council last night the turnout exceeded his expectations. An estimated 65 people showed up for the informal gathering. Estok says he’s already gotten requests for more. No dates have been set yet. He says they will either take place every other month or quarterly.

As a result of the meeting, Estok says he’s gotten quite a few volunteers to help with initiatives like the July 4th fireworks.

He’s also discussing grant opportunities with the state Office of Community and Rural Affairs to achieve some of his goals like improving Parkview Heights and building an ampitheatre at Wythogan Park. Estok says it’s a process that will take some time to get going.

The mayor also thanked Floyd Wallace for volunteering to lay the new laminate flooring in the city hall breakroom. Anyone else who is interested in volunteering to help the city is encouraged to contact the mayor’s office.