Hamlet Officials to Contact Railroad Regarding Crossing

Hamlet Fall 5The Hamlet Town Board, Wednesday evening, focused on the Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern Railroad crossing on the north side of town. Vehicles have found the Starke Street crossing to be extremely rough for the past two years. The railroad is reported to have ignored requests to make repairs for those same two years.

The town is considering declaring the crossing a traffic hazard. It was determined to attempt to again contact railroad officials for a response.

Twenty-four Hamlet residents have applied to participate in the 50/50 sidewalk building and replacement program. Three contractors have expressed interest in bidding on the construction work.

A discussion was again held on the replacing the sidewalks and adding new lighting to the downtown and the Town Hall areas.

After the Town Marshall, Frank Lonigro, presented his report, a discussion followed about the pros and cons of police officers hired as part-time and/or full-time and which provided the best protection for residents. No action was taken.

The Board discussed with the Town Clerk, funds that are available for the purchase of additional police video cameras.