N.J.-S.P. Buys New Food Service Equipment

BluejayThe North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation is making some upgrades to its food service equipment. The school board Tuesday approved the purchase of a new walk-in cooler for the storage of frozen foods.

Business Manager Guy Richie says the existing one is due for replacement, “We’ve been milking that along for probably the last 15, 20 years, and fortunately, we do have the money to repair that and put in a new one.”

Two quotes were received for the new cooler. The school board voted to accept the lower one, which was made by Jackson Refrigeration, for a cost of just over $27,000.

Richie says that money will come out of the Food Service Fund, and that the corporation needs to use it up, “That was a request, being it’s federal money that we had to do this,” he says. “It wasn’t that we just got frivolous all of the sudden; we had no choice but to do it. Otherwise, they can hold back others of your federal funds, which includes grant money and such, so we don’t want to get in that area.”

The new equipment is planned to be installed over the summer.