NIPSCO Reports Widespread Outages

nipsco-logoNIPSCO crews are still working to restore power throughout northern Indiana. Heavy snow and high winds brought by yesterday’s blizzard knocked out power to 39,000 customers.

Storm conditions are expected to continue today, with the potential for additional heavy wind gusts through Friday. NIPSCO expects a multi-day cleanup effort.  Once the storm subsides, NIPSCO will be able to make a better assessment on estimated restorations times – which could improve or worsen depending on the weather conditions.  Crews will continue to work around-the-clock to restore service.

NIPSCO crews first assess damage and then begin repairing large transmission and distribution lines that supply electricity to large numbers of customers in large geographic areas, including critical customers such as hospitals and emergency response.

Repairs to other lines can’t be made until larger lines feeding electricity to those areas are repaired. When crews work on damaged trees during storms, they focus on repairs that are critical to our facilities and to restoring power and do not clean up or remove branches and debris that may be left behind. Contact your local municipal officials for more information on storm debris disposal.

NIPSCO officials stress downed power lines, damaged poles and other hazardous situations should be avoided for safety. Every downed wire should be treated as though it is a live wire.