Starke County Community Foundation Announces 2016 Grant Opportunities


The Starke County Community Foundation is reminding local residents and organizations of the grant opportunities available throughout the year.

The Starke United Fund Grant provides funding to charitable agencies serving Starke County residents. The deadline to apply is May 6.

The Starke County Community Foundation Grants award funding ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars to many different types of organizations. Up to $500 in Community Foundation Grants are also available to schools and teachers.

Students in fourth grade and up are eligible to apply for the Maude Brown and Henry F. Schricker Endowment to help pay for school projects relating to Indiana history. Programs supporting alternative agriculture in Starke County can get funding through the Robert ‘Boom Boom’ Baker Alternative Agriculture Grant.

Other than the Starke United Grant, applications are due by October 7.

For more information or to apply, click here.