Culver Continues Working Toward Stellar Communities Designation

culverThe Town of Culver is working to gather information for an application they will complete a little later this year.

The State of Indiana’s Stellar Communities program is run through the Lieutenant Governor’s office and attempts to help rural communities with economic development, housing, and planning efforts.

A Steering Committee has been formed that accepted public input last night, but will be making an attempt on Monday night as well. Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist says if your community is chosen as the Stellar designee, the state can provide assistance.

“Usually it’s about a four-year program,” says Leist. “They have set-asides in their existing grant programs for Stellar Communities. So you still have to qualify for the various grants, but they really come in and give you extra support and help you apply and make sure you have a program that fits.”

Culver has been interested in the program for some time, but felt it necessary to first complete the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The idea, while comparing notes with other communities – specifically North Libery – who have been awarded the designation, is to carry the momentum of planning forward.

In Culver’s Comprehensive Plan, several projects are outlined, but Leist says Stellar Communities can help them choose and possibly fund between five and seven of those projects.

Leist says Culver finds itself in a similar position to North Liberty.

“They just had wrapped-up their Comprehensive Plan, and then as that finished, they moved right into the Stellar Communities application and as part of that continued to hold public meetings,” says Leist.

If Culver is awarded a Stellar Communities designation later this year, it could mean state investments of between $2-million and $5-million.

The Town Council will be considering the application in the near future.