Culver CVS Updates Inch Along As Plans Become Clearer

culver town hall

The Town of Culver has taken a step that will pave the way toward an eventual update of the town’s CVS Pharmacy location.

For several weeks the Town Council has discussed the possibility of adopting an ordinance to allow for an alley behind the location to become one-way. That would allow space for a drive-thru prescription pick-up. In addition, an easement and parking lot lease agreement are being sought that would see a Town parking lot be repaved and updated for better drainage.

John Fulkerson with the HAMSTRA Group, the company that owns the store, says their plans for the parking lot will allow for once every 100 years rain.

“We would be putting it underneath the parking lot and then it would drain the alley, the existing parking lot, and then this [proposed] parking lot,” says Fulkerson. “It’s a very large system that goes underground and we’ve done that in a number of locations and it worked out very well.”

Talks have been ongoing for several years between the company and the Town about the updates.

The plan elevation has been adopted by CVS and is now in its legal department prior to receiving approval. The Town Council is being asked to approve the proposed changes or the CVS location will face the possibility of moving to a different site.

Part of the arrangement would allow CVS to place their trash bins in the parking lot. That has caused a few questions from local merchants. Fulkerson says it’s not as simple as moving it to the other side of the building.

“There’s not enough room,” says Fulkerson. “We would block the sidewalk. Secondly, when the trash comes to pick-up there’s no way to do it without having the trucks crossover onto the street and be perpendicular on the street when turns into a traffic hazard.”

The Town Council approved the elevation to allow CVS to continue its work.

A timeline was not discussed; however, work to the parking lot under question is estimated to take about three weeks.