Culver Discusses Pier Construction and Removal Contract

culver town hall

The Town of Culver reviewed a contract proposed between a local contractor and the Parks and Recreation Department, last night.

A special meeting was called by the Town Council to review the contract after the Town’s Park Board recommended the document entered into with North Shore Fabrication first receive their blessing. North Shore is being tasked with removing the boat piers, considered unstable by the Town, and constructing new piers.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist says the work is under a bit of a deadline. Otherwise, those renting spaces on the piers will need to be reimbursed some their rental rates.

“In the original agreement that the park was working on with [the company], any day past May 15th, North Shore would have been responsible for those refunds like what were issued last year when there were delays,” says Leist.

The contract has been a point of discussion with the Town’s Park Board for some time, but several amendments were being proposed to the contract prior to work being conducted.

The idea is to begin making repairs by a deadline of May 30th. The contract is in effect for a period of three years. How to pay for supplies and make payments between the Town and North Shore Fabrication, the company performing the work, was a point of concern.

Work performed the first time the boat piers were constructed was considered sub par with points of the pier construction coming loose.

The Town Council approved making the contract the amendments requested by the company performing the work.

The contract was approved with work anticipated to start in the near future.