Culver Plans Banner Contest to Improve Community Look

culver town hall

The Town of Culver may be looking to invest in a bit of community pride in the coming months.

The Culver Town Council held discussions on Tuesday on an idea that’s been tossed around for a couple of weeks. A contest is in the works that seeks to develop banners to be hung on light and utility polls throughout the community.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says this not only improves the Town’s appearance, but can also help the school corporation with their promotional campaign.

“For me, the unfortunate thing is that it would add up to a lot of banners to go down School (street), down Lake, down Main,” says Munroe. “But I like the idea of having banners for the school as part of their pride campaign and promoting the Culver school system and increasing the population there and so on.”

The contest seeks to have a summer banner, a winter banner, and a third banner that could be used the remainder of the year.

The local schools, including the academies, would be involved in the design and development process to help promote the community and provide a cohesive look to the main drags within Culver.

Exactly how many banners to purchase and their cost occupied some tedious space during this week’s Culver Town Council meeting. Munroe says cost is a big factor.

“Maybe it’s a matter of looking at it from a budget standpoint,” says Munroe. “What the overall project is, what we feel we can invest in the project and then determine the number of poles based on that.”

Cost estimates may be gathered in the near future. The Culver Town Council agreed to discuss the matter further over the next few meetings before holding the contest.

The Town of Culver says they are working on a budget for the project.