Culver Schools Finalize Plans for Spring Intercession

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver Community Schools Corporation has finalized some of its plans for the April intercession period. The intercession is a one-week period immediately following spring break, in which students who are struggling with certain classes can work to improve their grades.

The corporation’s first intercession last fall had a good turnout, but cost more than the corporation expected. Because of this, Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell says Culver Schools is narrowing its focus this time to fewer students, “I believe that the high school principal said he had 43 total students, middle school through high school, that are planning to attend, and at the elementary, we have forty students that are planning to attend.”

The plans for the spring intercession were presented to the Culver School Board on Monday. Kitchell says they’ve also approved the list of teachers who will be running the program, “We are going to have one teacher working with third- and fourth-grade students, one teacher working with fourth- and fifth-grade students, one teacher working with our middle school kids, which would be seventh and eighth grade, and then there are two teachers working with high school students.”

The plan is designed to allow the corporation to continue serving the students most in need of the help, after the school board had previously considered removing the spring intercession due to the funding issues.

Intercession will be held April 4 through 8.