Culver Schools to Give Police Access to Security Cameras

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver Community Schools Corporation will soon be giving local police the ability to monitor school buildings using the corporation’s existing security cameras.

Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell asked for the school board’s approval of the arrangement Monday. “It’s an agreement, basically, with our local police department,” he said. “A lot of words in here, but basically what we’re doing is we’re saying that we expect them to provide security and safety if we need them in the school, and we’re going to provide them access to our video camera system on their site. So we will set it up so that there will be a computer in the police department that can log on to our system and monitor our cameras in the event that they ever need to.” Officers will have the ability to access the system at any time day or night, but the plan is they’ll only log in when needed.

Kitchell says the corporation’s been considering the idea of giving police access to security cameras for the past few years. After asking other local school superintendents, he says he was able to find one who was putting together a similar agreement, which was used as the model for Culver’s

The Culver School Board voted to approve the agreement with the Culver Police Department unanimously.