Culver Schools Scale Back Spring Intercession

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver Community School Corporation will be keeping its April intercession period, but it will be scaled back from the one held in the fall. The intercession is a one-week period immediately following spring break, in which students who are struggling with certain classes can work to improve their grades.

The corporation’s first intercession last October saw a good turnout, but funding issues caused former superintendent Vicki McGuire to suggest removing the spring intercession from the school calendar. Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell says the program will continue, but some changes will have to be made. “It was much more expensive in the fall than we were anticipating, and so we used a great deal of our funding in the fall to do what we did in the fall,” he says. “And since we would like to do one in the spring, we’ve made the determination that we’ll go ahead and have one but we’re just going to have to make it a much smaller event.”

He says that means the corporation will narrow its focus, due to the lack of available money, “We’re going to have fewer teachers, which means fewer students. We’re going to try to pinpoint these students most at need and reduce the number of students that are actually coming to the program.”

Back in December, it was revealed that Culver Schools ended up spending over $11,000 on the fall intercession. That’s more than what was budgeted for both intercession periods combined.

Intercession is one of the notable features of the balanced calendar concept adopted by the corporation starting with this school year.