Culver Town Council Prepares for Meeting Over Possible CVS Remodel

culver town hall

The Town of Culver is preparing additional steps that may lead to an eventual remodel of the Town’s CVS Pharmacy location.

Representatives of the HAMSTRA Group – which owns the Culver CVS – approached the town about two years go requesting a few changes. The latest version of that discussion was reviewed at the previous Culver Town Council meeting. Now the company has reopened conversations about the matter.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist says the agreements are required to get the company what it needs.

“The HAMSTRA Group would need the easement agreement in order to get an extended lease from CVS which would then give them the backing they need financially in order to do the whole improvement there,” says Leist. “The alley, pave the parking lot, and also the store remodel.”

Under the proposal, an ordinance would be adopted making the alleyway behind the CVS location a one-way. That would allow the company to renovation their store to allow for a prescription pick-up drive-thru.

In addition, an easement would be granted allowing the CVS to place their dumpster on a city owned parking lot. That recommendation brought questions from Town Council members.

Leist says a development agreement could also be an option.

“The reason why they like to keep those separate, the development agreement, just from their practice in real estate, is one of those things that doesn’t necessarily have to be made public a lot of times,” says Leist. “I don’t know that that matters in this case, but they were fine with having council approve that at the same time as the easement agreement.”

The Culver Town Council has discussed the matter for several weeks now, but believes a representative of the company will appear at their March 22nd meeting to further explain the plan.