Former Sportsman’s Site Debris Causes Street Closures During Wind Gusts

sportsmans chain link fenceOfficials with the Town of Monterey are attempting to alleviate concerns over recent street closures in the community.

The issue started more than one week ago during high winds. The weather allegedly caused debris at the former Sportsman’s Bar and Grill site to damage part of a temporary wooden fence. That debris was then spotted blowing into Main and Walnut Streets.

According to information provided via e-mail from Monterey Town Councilman Doug Denton, some debris nearly struck a resident, prompting calls to the Town and County Building Department.

Reinforcements to the block-off were installed, but according to the e-mail, officials with the Indiana EMA felt there was an ongoing danger to the safety of residents at the site. Yet more block-offs were installed the next day along with the street closures to ensure safety.

Denton says the town has been working diligently to reopen the streets as quickly as possible. The Pulaski County Building Department said they knew little more than what was included in Denton’s e-mail.

On that same note, the town says they are also working to ensure the former Sportsman’s Bar and Grill site is also cleaned as quickly as possible, saying the procedure must be handled correctly.