Grocery Survey Shows First Food Price Decrease Since 2014

groceriesGrocery prices have dropped across the nation for the first time since 2014. So says a study by the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The survey asks volunteer shoppers around the country to jot down the prices of 16 food items at their local store of choice. The prices are taken as an average, and are intended to provide a picture for how the cost of groceries is affecting the pocketbooks of Americans.

According to the study, March of 2016 was the first survey conducted with a clear downward drop in food prices. Leading the charge was a reduction in egg and beef prices. The study attributes lower egg prices this year on reduced exposure to Avian Influenza, or bird flu. Beef production also increased leading to a price drop.

The items used as part of the survey indicate a total price of $52.61. That’s a drop of 71 cents from the survey conducted in the fall of 2015.

Not all food items reported decreases. The price of bacon was up 64-cents at $4.85 per pound. Milk and orange juice were also on the increases list.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says the survey has been ongoing since 1989.