Melody Drive-In Opens Next Weekend

Melody Drive-InA local summertime tradition is about to return for another year. Melody Drive-In at Bass Lake will reopen for its 2016 movie season next weekend.

Owner Fred Heise says the opening of the drive-in is a sure sign of the change of seasons, “Most people think the sign of spring is, you know, nice birds in the air and stuff like that. I think movies on screen and the smell of my fryer cooking up for the first time, that’s the sign of spring.”

He has also finalized some of the movies that will be shown. “We are going to open this season with ‘Batman V Superman,’” he says. “We do have a second feature decided for that one: it’s called ‘How to Be Single.’ It’s actually got a few main characters in it, a lot of them from the ‘Pitch Perfect’ cast that was in that one. But it looks like it could be a pretty funny movie, so ‘How to Be Single’ is the second feature.” Meanwhile, the second screen will be showing ‘Zootopia’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

Melody Drive-In opens for the season on Good Friday, March 25. For more information, visit the Melody Drive-In website.