NIPSCO Reminds Customers that Energy Assistance Continues Past Winter

nipsco-logoJust because there is a transition to spring taking place doesn’t mean NIPSCO has stopped providing utility assistance to some of its customers.

Between December 1st and March 15th, natural gas utilities in Indiana don’t disconnect services to low income home energy assistance customers just because they may be delinquent on their home heating bills.

Despite passing the March deadline, NIPSCO says there are still options available to customers who may experience difficulty paying their monthly utility bills. Among them is the CARE program; standing for Customer Assistance for Residential Energy. That plan provides added assistance to those enrolled in the Low Income Home Energy Program until the end of May, this year.

Although many of the programs are targeted toward individuals falling within the federal poverty guidelines, there are also hardship programs available for those within 150-percent and 200-percent of the poverty eligibility requirements. Up to $400 is also offered through NIPSCO’s hardship program until the end of May.

NIPSCO encourages individuals struggling to pay their bill to reach out to their local Township Trustee to inquire about possible assistance if they find themselves struggling. Credit availability is also offered for individuals struggling with their finances over the short-term.