Pulaski County Reaches Out with Courthouse Project Information

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County’s Maintenance Director is making the case for upgrades to the Pulaski County Courthouse.

In an article submitted to local media by Jeff Johnstone, information is provided to residents of Pulaski County detailing exactly why the project is being undertaken. An effort is also made to counter some of the arguments being made against increased spending.

The project has been ongoing for several months, but with designs nearing completion, several members of the public are beginning to weigh-in. According to the Maintenance Department’s letter, the current building needs tuck-pointing and crack repair, upgraded sidewalks, waterproofing, re-supporting the attic area, and reconstructing stairs and perimeter walls.

Apart from several of the structural reasons, the courts are now requiring a single and secure point of entry for security reasons. The Pulaski County Courthouse is also without a fire suppression system. State statute also requires a minimum level of air circulation in public buildings – something that is currently lacking at the courthouse.

A few members of the public spoke to the County Commissioners on Monday about the costs involved and the potential for increased taxes to pay for the project.

Commission members have said the project has not yet been green-lighted with several aspects of the project up for discussion.

Besides the upgrades to the current building, a new structure has been proposed for construction to the west of the courthouse. This new building would be modeled after the current structure and would allow Pulaski County’s offices to grow in space over the next several years with ease of planning.

A copy of the letter can be seen here.