Pulaski Tree Removal May Turn into Tree Renewal Under Proposed Plan

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County may have an opportunity to remedy a potential safety hazard while at the same time commemorating Indiana’s Bicentennial.

Winamac Tree Commission member Fred Zahrt approached the Pulaski County Commissioners on Monday night to discuss a tree on the courthouse lawn that appears to be dying. Limbs have been falling from the tree and became a concern last fall.

In an effort to cut down the tree and plant new, Zahrt says he has a plan to consider.

“This tree of hope project is interested in planting a tree instead of building a monument to the Bicentennial,” says Zahrt. “Planting the tree is a reminder of our choice to use our resources and our land wisely.”

Bids have already been received by the Commissioners for the work.

The proposal, however, may be done for significantly cheaper. NIPSCO offers a program where crews will plant a donated tree on publicly-owned lands. If the Sheriff’s Department is able to volunteer labor for incarcerated at the Pulaski County Justice Center, the project cost could be around $500.

According to Zahrt, the Pulaski County Historical Society is even able to organize a plaque to commemorate the tree for Indiana’s Bicentennial.

“I would like to propose that we find somebody that climbs trees,” says Zahrt. “A tree service that provides employees that will climb the tree and cut off the limbs as the come down.”

The Commissioners agreed to pursue the tree removal. There are other trees on Pulaski County land in need of removal services.

Planting the tree is expected to be part of a celebration coordinated by a state committee as part of Bicentennial activities.