Second Bicycle Ride Approved as Pulaski County Bicentennial Legacy Project


Indiana BicentennialPulaski County has had another legacy project approved in celebration of the Hoosier State’s 200th year.

The Indiana Bicentennial Commission met on February 19th to consider legacy projects submitted for consideration and approval. So far, there are more than 1-thousand projects that will take place around the state.

In the latest round of considerations, 144 Legacy Projects received approval from the Commission. Among that list is Pulaski County’s Tippecanoe & Bicycles Too Bike Ride. It’s being hosted by the Friends of the Panhandle Pathway.

According to information provided by Pulaski County’s Bicentennial Coordinator, the event will take place August 6th from Winamac to the Kenneth “Whistle Stop.” The length of the bike ride is 44 miles.

This bike ride is in addition to a second bike ride already approved as a Legacy Project: Moonlight Over the Tippy.

The Pulaski County Bicentennial organization continues to search for ideas to add to the list of projects taking place throughout the state.