Sheriff: Counterfeit Bills Should Raise Awareness

Counterfeit MoneyThe Starke County Sheriff’s Department is advising the public to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills circulating in the local area.

Plenty of bill values have been passed, but the Sheriff Bill Dulin says the most common fake currency circulating comes in the form of $100 bills. As a protective measure, business owners and employees handling currency are being requested to examine the money they receive, especially higher denominations to accuracy and authenticity.

The Sheriff’s Department says most counterfeit currency can be identified upon close inspection due to the poor quality of the printing. A Detector Pen is also recommended for use – which identifies the currency based on the inks’ color.

Refusing to accept the bill is another method to ensure no deception is taking place.

Anyone with information on the counterfeit bills circulating in Starke County are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Department.