Starke County Again Ranks Near Bottom in Annual State Health Survey


An annual study ranking Indiana’s counties by health factors and outcomes has been released, and Starke County is ranked near the bottom.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, along with the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute, conducted the study. It evaluates several factors that may affect health outcomes; including length and quality of life.

Other factors under measurement are tobacco use, diet and exercise, sexual activity, access to healthcare, education, and air quality. Additional factors are also accounted.

According to the study, Starke County ranks 90th out of 92 counties in the Hoosier State for both length and quality of life. The county performs a bit better when measuring health factors, coming in at 87th out of 92 counties. Pulaski County performs better than Starke County, ranking 50th and 46th in the state, respectively.

The Indiana State Department of Health says that although three-fourths of Hoosiers have access to locations for physical exercise, that nearly one-third of the state’s adults are obese.

The study recommends a process for correcting poor performance in certain factors that includes identifying problems, and choosing effective policies and programs to help supplement health changes.