State Hearing-Aid Program Making Noise for Hoosier Children


A new state program to help the deaf and hard of hearing is being made available to children in the Hoosier State.

The Hearing Aid Assistance Program will be run through the Indiana State Department of Health, specifically “Hear Indiana.” The program aims to provide hearing aids for those in need of the technology who otherwise do not have access.

According to information provided by ISDH, most private insurance options to do not cover the cost of hearing aids. It is recommended by audiologists and other medical professionals that the technology be upgraded every three to five years. The devices often carry a price tag of around $6-thousand. That’s something the State Department of Health says many Hoosier families cannot afford.

Beginning this month, children without access to hearing-aid assistance from another source will be able to apply for help through the Hearing Aid Assistance Program with the help of their parent of guardian.

“Hear Indiana” says they have established relationships with many hearing-aid suppliers and audiologists to implement the program.