Used Vehicle for Emergency Response in Pulaski EMA’s Future

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County EMA Department may have to wait a bit longer before acquiring a truck for use in emergency incidents.

Quotes were gathered from a few dealerships estimating the cost of a three-quarter ton pick-up to carry equipment to emergency sites and transport resources during the daily duties of the EMA offices.

The Pulaski County Council reviewed the request Monday night. EMA Director Sheri Gaillard says a truck will help.

“Having a vehicle will decrease response time to those emergencies,” says Gaillard. “I won’t have to call around to locate a vehicle to tow equipment or transport supplies.”

The previous vehicle used by the EMA Department was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department. Currently, Gaillard is using her own vehicle for specific duties, but ventured to purchase an EMA vehicle after having to request assistance from the fire department to transport equipment in the recent past.

The problem, as seen by the EMA Department, is that insurance won’t cover the cost of damage incurred during an emergency even in Pulaski County. By purchasing a new truck, it would make operating the offices easier while avoid potential future problems.

The County Council, however, was dissatisfied with the cost of a new truck. Council President Jay Sullivan explained why he voted against the initial proposal.

“Could we look at a used truck? That’s what I’m thinking,” says Sullivan. “Know more about what kind of miles you’re putting on it. I think we can find a good used pickup that will really serve the purpose well instead of having to spend that kind of money. You’d probably save $15-grand.”

The County Council approved Gaillard to purchase a used truck with the specifications with an amount not to exceed.

That purchase is anticipated in the near future.