Dial Before You Dig

Indiana_811_logo_200x100If your spring plans involve any sort of digging, be sure to call 811 a few days before you’re ready to start. This is Safe Digging Month in Indiana, where the law requires utilities be located before breaking ground for any project.

Nationwide, underground utility lines are damaged every six minutes because someone didn’t call 811. A professional locator will come out and mark buried utility lines with flags or paint. Make the free call at least two days before you’re ready to start your project.

Homeowners are exempt from calling if they are digging on their own property with hand tools to a depth of 12 inches or less. For larger projects like planting trees and building decks or mailboxes, utilities should be located first. Striking a single buried line can cause injury, death, expensive repair fees fines and disruption of everything from running water to 911 service for multiple households.

Visit www.811now.com for more information.