Pulaski 911 Center Prepares for Possible Future Upgrades

Pulaski County Justice Center
Pulaski County Justice Center

Pulaski County could soon see upgrades to the equipment at its 911 Center, pending County Council approval.

Sheriff Jeff Richwine says nearly all of the equipment currently being used is original, but the Sheriff’s Department is now ready to begin work to implement new equipment at the site.

Richwine says they’ve guarded the 911 Fund at the Sheriff’s Department closely for this very project.

“One of the consoles doesn’t record at all so we need to get that fixed,” says Richwine. “So that’s our plan, to ask for that money here in May and get that fixed.”

Upgrading the equipment will be run through a company. The Sheriff’s Department has been in contact with a company in Whitley County, Indiana to assist with the communications and recording system.

Richwine says he will be recommending, instead, to continue using Motorola at the Pulaski County 911 Center. Estimates are still pending, but the Sheriff’s Department says they have a pretty good idea how much the new system will cost.

The plan, according to Richwine, is to ask for additional funding from the Pulaski County Council.

“There are certain things you can spend that money on, and certain things you can’t,” says Richwine.

911 Centers are funded through a tax applied to phone lines in Indiana. That setup has led to severe funding shortages for the communication centers around the state.

The County Commissioners this week gave their support to the upgrades.