Winamac Plan Commission Considers Many Factors for County Home Talks

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

The President of the Winamac Plan Commission says they are thinking about the biggest benefit before to making any decisions on the former Pleasant View Rest Home.

The County Home is listed for sale by the Pulaski County Commissioners. The site – which operated as a senior living facility – is currently labeled as an industrial space. To make future sales more likely, the Commissioners previously requested that the site be rezoned as Residential property.

That concept didn’t really address the long-range issue according to Winamac Plan Commission President Dave Broad.

“If you can see that’s going to be a benefit to the most, then it’s a pretty easy decision,” says Broad. “But if you can see that this is maybe like a band-aid, that this is maybe, in my mind and what the rest of us felt, that this was just a step out there to see if this would work.”

Both the Plan Commission and the Pulaski County Commissioners have made their own recommendations about the site and even some of the surrounding land.

The Plan Commission, however, says they are interested in providing the Residential zoning label if an offer to make the County Home into apartment buildings or residential living is on the table. The County has been informed that may make a sale difficult.

Broad says the Plan Commission is staying positive about maintaining options to create the most benefit.

“With the bottom line, again, to make that a sellable piece of property and to be affirmative and supportive of the individuals that come in there,” says Broad. “We’re going to be looking at their future as well, whoever they may be.”

As things stand, the Plan Commission may be awaiting future decisions by the County Commissioners.

Broad says it’s important for the public to remember each board involved in the County Home talks share a common denominator.