Absentee Ballots Piling-up in Local Area Prior to Election Day


Absentee voting is underway in Indiana, and area county clerk’s offices are reporting the ballot totals from last week.

The final day to register to vote in the Hoosier state was Monday. Tuesday marked the opening for absentee voting in Indiana’s May 3rd primary election.

According to figures reported by the Clerk’s offices on Friday afternoon, Marshall County tallied 41 in-person absentee ballots. The Clerk’s office also reported 29 mail-in ballots have been received.

None of the ballots are counting the actual votes cast until Election Day.

Pulaski County has reported 57 in-person ballots cast in the last week. 14 mail-in ballots were also recorded by the Clerk’s office.

Starke County is performing well through the first week. 73 in-person ballots have been cast since Tuesday of last week. Mail-in totals were reported at 172. Starke County was recognized by Secretary of State Connie Lawson for its voter turnout during November’s general municipal election.

According to each county, voting has proceeded smoothly through the last several days.