Starke County Park Board Talks Over Campground Progress Slowly

Bass Lake CampgroundThe Starke County Park Board has tabled plenty of issues related to the operation of the Bass Lake Beach and Campground for future consideration.

Tuesday’s Park Board meeting was used to consider a few problems that continue to be experienced between the board itself, and Richard Callahan: the individual with whom Starke County has contracted to make improvements and manage the site.

Several months have been spent attempting to gather financial information and clarify verbiage included in the contract. Park Board member Debbie Mix says Callahan has been asked to refrain from making capital improvements for the time being.

“I want to make sure that the permits are being pulled and there’s discussion on who’s the one that’s supposed to pull the permits so I’m working with that with the county so we’ll see where we end up with that next month,” says Mix.

May’s Park Board meeting is expected to be lengthy with plenty of issues related to the campground discussed.

The site has seen some early sprucing-up compared to previous years, but does not open until May 1st. The beach will not open until Memorial Day weekend. New members joining the Park Board have also created a bit of a slowdown with the discussion as information needed to make proper decisions going forward.

Apart from the process for continued improvement at the Bass Lake Beach and Campground is a tedious conversation about the difference between site maintenance and capital improvements. Mix says it often feels like an uphill battle.

“Even though we accepted these definitions as a Park Board in December, they don’t agree with them,” says Mix.

The Park Board continues to request cleaner financial reporting from Callahan – a request that has been made for quite some time.

Callahan does, however, provide updates on his progress for maintaining the site at each meeting.